signing your student org up to Fundraise

You must register for the night you would like to fundraise. You will need to sign up drivers, navigators and dispatchers separately. Once you have registered for a date, you will send a link to your members so that they can each upload their documentation before fundraising. You will receive an email asking you to sign a contract for your group once RamRide has processed your registration. You must sign a contract in order for your group to volunteer as well as to receive payment. 

Please view our Guide for Fundraising with RamRide for step-by-step instructions on signing up your group.

in order to receive payment as a student organization

  1. Groups must sign up at least 6 members to fundraise
  2. A group qualifies to be paid ONLY if they have at least 6 volunteer ambassadors on any one night. Groups signing up more than 6 volunteer ambassadors will not be paid if less than 75% of their group is present. Contact RamRide for questions about pay rates
  3. Groups can only be paid if they have a valid SOFA account through SLiCE or a valid Sports Club account through the REC
  4. Groups may only utilize the 15 for $500 on Thursdays and 30 for $1000 on Friday and Saturdays.
  5. Special deals (15 for $500 and 30 for $1000) may only be utilized a total of three nights per semester.
  6. Groups registered for the 30/$1,000 deal must provide at least 10 drivers. 
  7. A contract must be completed for each separate night a group is working. You will be contacted after registering with information about coming to the RamRide office to sign a contract for your group
  8. If a contract is completed, it counts as one of the three chances to volunteer.  If it is canceled, it still counts as such and will limit future fundraising opportunities
  9. Should a contract be canceled RamRide will enforce the cancellation policy, and groups may be disallowed from fundraising.
  10. Once you register your group, you will be given a link to send to your members. You must send this out so that documentation can be completed before fundraising