RamRide is proud to be a part of Safe Ride Programs United (SRPU). SRPU is a national alliance of safe ride programs that connects current programs and is a beacon for people interested in starting their own program. We are all moving together toward one goal: to eliminate drunk driving in our communities. SRPU will serve as a central location for information concerning safe ride programs, and strives to provide one another with consistent support through the exchange of ideas and policies. For more information about SRPU please click HERE

2015: RamRide attended the SRPU conference in College Station, Texas at Texas A&M to represent Colorado State University. RamRide staff presented on Risk Management and served as a resource for schools hoping to develop safe ride programs of their own.

2016: RamRide attended the SRPU conference held in Tucson, Arizona at the University of Arizona. The staff presented on Risk Management, Personnel Management, and Data Collection.

2017: RamRide attended the SRPU conference at Oregon State University in beautiful Corvallis, Oregon. The staff presented on Data Collection and Risk Management. 

2018: SRPU will be held at University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.

2019: RamRide will proudly be hosting SRPU here at Colorado State University!