1. Volunteers sign-up to volunteer. RamRide relies entirely on student volunteers to run the program! Volunteers drive the vehicles, navigate, and take phone calls from patrons

2. Patrons can call in to request a ride beginning at 10:00PM Thursday-Saturday. RamRide dispatchers will input the following information:

     - First Name             - Home Address            - Number of Patrons

     - Phone Number       - Pick Up Location

3. RamRide's automated dispatch system sends the ride information to Samsung Galaxy Tablets and volunteers will drive to pick up the patron. Once volunteers arrive, they will call the patron to let them know their ride has arrived

4. Once patrons have been given a safe ride home, volunteers will receive the information for the next ride on the waitlist

5. RamRide phones turn off at 2:00am Thursdays and 3:00am Fridays and Saturdays. Volunteers will complete all rides that are put on the waitlist before this time

- RamRide is a safe ride HOME. Therefore, RamRide cannot drop patrons off at any location that is not a home address and will not pick patrons up from the residence halls

- Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are prohibited in the vehicles

- RamRide cannot provide rides for more than 5 patrons in a single group due to the size of our vehicles; if you have more than 5 people, you will need to split into groups and request separate rides

Nightly Schedule

8:00pm-   Volunteers arrive

8:30pm-   Volunteers fed

9:00pm-   Training

9:45pm-   Cars assigned

10:00pm- Phones on

2:00am-   Thurs Phones off

3:00am-   Fri/Sat Phones off