How do I request a RamRide?

The easiest way to request a RamRide is through our mobile application. The RamRide app can be downloaded on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


Individuals can also request a RamRide by calling our dispatch line 970-491-3333.


RamRide operates from 10pm – 2am on Thursday’s and 10pm – 3 am on Friday’s & Saturdays.

Where can RamRide take me?

RamRide will pick-up and drop-off at any home or business location with a Fort Collins address.


Exceptions to our service area include drop-off at drinking establishments and parties. Additionally, if you are wanting to be picked-up or dropped-off in Old Town or Campus West we have designated service locations.


Old Town: Corner of Mountain and Remington.

Campus West: The underpass at the corner of Elizabeth and Shields near Moby Arena.

Can I change or confirm the night I signed up for online?

To change or confirm the night you are volunteering, please email ramride.volunteers@gmail.com. Please review the RamRide cancellation policy to understand the possible penalties for canceling/changing your volunteer date. 

What is RamRide's insurance policy?

Our insurance policy covers volunteers in the event of an accident that is not their fault. Our policy is provided by Motorpool, through CSU’s Transportation Services. Volunteers who are driving and navigating are required to have valid health insurance. 

What documentation do I need if I want to be driver, navigator or dispatcher?

Driver: Driver’s license, proof of health insurance, Colorado State University student ID card
Navigator: Proof of health insurance, Colorado State University student ID card
Dispatcher: Colorado State University student ID card 



You must submit the above information online using the volunteer sign-up tab. You only need to submit the required documents once each academic year.

What time do we start/end and where do I show up to volunteer?

The night that you are volunteering please, show up NO LATER than 8:30 pm at the RamRide’s Operations Office located in the Lory Student Center Room 191. It is behind the transit center and across from the Cam’s Lobby Shop. When you arrive please sign in with a RamRide staff member.


We will provide food and training before operations begin at 10pm. On Thursday night dispatchers finish at 2:00 am, drivers and navigators will remain on the road until all rides are given. On Friday and Saturday night dispatchers leave at 3:00 am, drivers and navigator volunteer will remain on the road until all rides are given.  Drivers and navigators must be prepared to continue providing rides until a staff member allows them to return to the LSC. 

Do I need to submit documents each time I volunteer?

You must submit documentation each academic year, but you will not need to submit paperwork each time you volunteer if you have already volunteered and submitted information that year. All information  must be current, so you will need to submit new documentation if your license or insurance has expired. Additionally, if you change positions you will need to make sure you have the proper documentation uploaded for your new volunteer position.

I am volunteering for Court Ordered community service. What do I need to do?

Court ordered volunteers cannot drive; you may navigate or dispatch. RamRide will sign off on 8 hours of community service for each night that you volunteer. Please bring your community service sheet and give it to the staff member at the end of the night to be signed. Once you have completed all of your hours, you will turn your sheet in to the RamRide office so it can be signed by a supervisor. You must complete your hours in advance of the deadline to allow for the paperwork to be processed.

Can my friend and I volunteer together?

Yes, you must each sign-up separately for your respective volunteer positions and turn in all required documentation. We do not assign drivers and navigators as pairs so you will be able to choose who you volunteer with during car assignments after training.

I lost something in a RamRide vehicle, how can I get it back?

All lost and found items will be put in the Information Desk located on the second floor of the LSC next to Sweet Sinsations. RamRide is not responsible for any lost or damaged items. 

Where can I go to upload documents? 

You can upload your documents using a scanner in the CSU library. Additionally, if you have a smart phone you can photograph your documents using your phone and email them to yourself so you can upload them from a desktop computer. If you are having trouble submitting documents, please come into the RamRide office prior to your scheduled volunteer night. 


Still have questions? Contact us here for more information.