What to Expect

All volunteers will check-in with a RamRide staff member before night operations begin. RamRide partners with local restaurants to provide food and beverages to our volunteers. We encourage volunteers to bring additional snacks and water if needed. Specific descriptions and responsibilities are outlined below:

  • Drivers will be operating the RamRide vehicles during night operations.
  • Drivers should be ready to drive a CSU provided vehicle for the entire night (approximately 5 hours).
  • Navigators will be riding in the passenger seat with Drivers and are responsible for providing directions and contacting patrons.
  • Navigators will be provided a phone equipped with navigation and dispatch system.
  • Navigators will be trained on operating the dispatch system.
  • Dispatchers are responsible for taking calls from patrons and inputting rides into the TapRide dispatch system.
  • Dispatchers will remain in the RamRide office for the entire night. 

All volunteers are required to be present for the entire night. There may be penalties, including a deduction in payment, for volunteers who leave early or do not follow RamRide’s policies and procedures. 


8:30 pm – 10:00 pm: Volunteers check-in at the RamRide office and complete training before operations begin. Food will be served prior to training beginning. All volunteers must be present and ready for training by 8:30 pm. 

10:00 pm: Nightly operations begin. Drivers and navigators head out and Dispatch begin answering calls.

2:00 a.m. (Thursdays)/3:00 a.m. (Fridays and Saturdays): Nightly operations end. The phones are turned off and no more rides are accepted through the app. Dispatch members are sent home. Drivers and navigators remain on the road until the queue of rides is finished.