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RamRide is happy to continue to support Rams Against Hunger initiatives through our Food Operations (RamRide Food Ops). RamRide Food Ops will deliver boxes of free food from the CSU Mobile Food Pantry to on- and off-campus students, faculty, and staff. Off-campus addresses must be located in Fort Collins. If you do not live in Fort Collins, please email RamRide FoodOps, to determine if we can deliver to your address.

Deliveries will take place on Fridays. Students, faculty, and staff can choose up to 2 Fridays each month for delivery. Deliveries will arrive in the afternoon, between 1:00pm and 3:00pm. You will be able to choose your size of box and if you prefer a vegetarian selection. You can choose to complete this application one time and select all of your delivery dates, or you can submit individual applications throughout the semester selecting just one or a few dates at a time. You must submit the application by the Wednesday before the delivery date.

RamRide Food Ops is designed for students, faculty, and staff who cannot come to, or transport food home from, the Mobile Food Pantry. This RamRide Food Ops application will only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

For questions about RamRide Food Ops, please email RamRide FoodOps. For questions regarding all other Rams Against Hunger initiatives, please email Michael Buttram.

We will be pausing our RamRide Food Ops until further notice. While our hope is to have this program back up and running by the end of September, we will continue to monitor and keep you updated.  The Rams Against Hunger Pantry will be moving locations (will still be on campus) and we want to make sure they are up and running before we restart our program. Please visit the Rams Against Hunger website for a list of other services that may be helpful, as well as for updates on the pantry and its hours. Please check back for more updates on RamRide Food Ops. If you need any additional support feel free to contact us or the Basic Needs Project Manager, Michael Buttram.

We will be pairing up with the Rams Against Hunger team and the mobile food pantry on Wednesday, October 13th to deliver food boxes! Once the Rams Against Hunger team moves into their new, permanent location we will most likely be able to restart Friday Food Ops again. Please visit the Rams Against Hunger website for any updates on their pantry and their hours. And as we get more updates about RamRide Food Ops, we will reach out. If you need any additional support, feel free to contact us at ramride.foodops@gmail for Food Ops questions or the Basic Needs Project Manager, Michael Buttram for all other Rams Against Hunger initiatives. 
Please apply using this link:
Thank you for your patience while we rebuild our program!
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