Volunteer Information

RamRide is excited to offer volunteering opportunities with our Food Ops program! Volunteers will drive and deliver boxes of food from the mobile food pantry on Fridays throughout the semester. Volunteers will signup for an hour-long training that occurs the week of volunteering, educating them on our Food Operations as well as how food insecurity impacts the CSU community and university initiatives. Student organizations have the ability to earn up to $250 per Friday. Student organizations will be able to register for up to two Fridays per semester. Student organizations are required to have a total of 8 volunteers (6 drivers and 2 backup drivers).


Student organizations will have the opportunity to sign-up for certain dates starting at the beginning of the semester with additional dates released throughout the semester. Volunteers within the student organization will then attend a mandatory training with RamRide staff the week of their volunteer date. On Fridays, volunteers will meet RamRide staff outside on-campus at 11:30am to go over additional instructions. Volunteers will use university vehicles to deliver food boxes to patrons around the Fort Collins area. The volunteering experience will end around 4:30pm. Please plan on volunteering from 11:30am-4:30pm. 


RamRide continues to follow CDC guidelines and volunteers are expected to do the same.
  • Volunteers are required to wear masks and gloves at all times during their volunteer experience.
    • PPE will be provided.
  • Volunteers are required to keep a minimum of 6ft of distance between each other.
  • All university vehicles are deeply cleaned by professional staff before use. 
  • Volunteers should not have in-person interactions with Food Ops patrons in any way other than texting them.
  • Volunteers must inform RamRide staff if they experience COVID-like symptoms before volunteering or on the day of volunteering.
  • Volunteers must inform RamRide staff if they learn they were exposed to COVID or test positive for COVID 10 days after volunteering. 


All volunteers must read below prior to registration
All volunteers must submit new documentation once each school year.
RamRide Food Ops required volunteers to be drivers
  • Required documents for drivers: Valid driver’s license, proof of health insurance, and a CSU student ID
  • You will be delivering food boxes to patrons 
  • RamRide staff will be providing PPE before volunteers head out to do deliveries 

If you/any group member does not possess the documentation needed for a specific position, you/they will not be allowed to serve in that position. Volunteer Document Submission requires the use of Duo: Two Factor Authentication. You can activate your Duo account by clicking here.

Please read RamRide’s cancellation policies prior to registering to volunteer.

If you cancel less than 30 days in advance. 

1 academic semester suspension from all RamRide fundraising/volunteer opportunities
 If you cancel less than 14 days in advance.1 academic year suspension from all RamRide fundraising/volunteer opportunities

RamRide and Rams Against Hunger has partnered up to fight food insecurity on CSU’s campus. Over 30% of CSU students who took part in a poll indicated that they faced food insecurity.

RamRide reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time.

Sliding payment scale: 

For groups that fail to bring 100% of their pledged ambassadors, the payment will be determined on the sliding scale below. 

  • 5 out of 6 drivers = $200
  • 4 out of 6 drivers = $100
  • Less than 3 of pledged ambassadors = not eligible for payment
A group participating in the 15 for $500 deal or 30 for $1,000 deal cancels or makes significant changes* at any time before scheduled date, or the group does not bring at least 75% of the promised volunteer ambassadors on the night of fundraising.The group will not be eligible for payment and will not be allowed to fundraise with RamRide for a period of one academic year.
Any other group cancels or makes significant changes less than 30 days before their scheduled date or the group does not bring at least 75% of the promised volunteer ambassadors on the night of fundraising.The group will not be eligible for payment and will not be allowed to fundraise with RamRide for a period of 60 academic days.
An individual does not show up for their scheduled date, or they cancel less than 48 hours before their scheduled date.The first offense will result in a cancellation  of all the volunteer’s other scheduled volunteer dates, and the second offense will result in the volunteer being banned from volunteering for the rest of the semester.

*A ‘significant change’ is defined as any group who changes the number of ambassadors to less than 75% of originally committed volunteers.

RamRide reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time.

Sliding Payment Scale

  • For groups who are taking advantage of the 30/$1,000 or 15/$500 deals, but fail to bring 100% of their pledged ambassadors, the payment will be determined based on the sliding scale below:
  • 90-99% of pledged ambassadors = $15/ambassador
  • 75-89% of pledged ambassadors = $10/$12/$15/ambassador depending on how many times they have volunteered this year
  • less than 75% of pledged ambassadors = RamRide discretion


  1. Proceed to Volunteer Registration and use the calendar to sign up for an available date. You will need to sign up for 8 drivers. There will only be 6 drivers utilized on your volunteer date but 2 back ups are required in order to sign up for an available date.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from the Volunteer and Administrative Coordinator about the date you signed up for. 
  3. You will be given a link to the documentation page that should be sent to all group members so that they can upload their required documents. Please allow sufficient time for members to complete documentation. 
  4. Please make sure that your group contract is signed before signing up for other trainings 
  5. You will need to attend the Food Ops training through Zoom during the week that you are volunteering
  6. Please arrive to Motorpool by 11:45am on the day you are scheduled to volunteer to sign in with a RamRide staff member, get your materials and prepare for food deliveries 
  7. Back ups are required for groups, all backups need to go through Food Ops training,  having more back ups is welcome but up to the discretion of the group  


You must register for the night you would like to fundraise. You will receive a confirmation email from the Volunteer and Administrative Coordinator as to whether or not you have received the date you have signed up for. You will receive an email asking you to sign a contract for your group once RamRide has processed your registration. You must sign a contract in order for your group to volunteer as well as to receive payment.  You will also need to send a link to your members so that they can each upload their documentation before fundraising.


  1. Groups must sign up at least 8 members to fundraise 
  2. Groups can only be paid if they have a valid SOFA account through SLiCE or a valid Sports Club account through the REC
  3. Groups can only take advantage of this fundraising opportunity twice a semester.
  4. A contract must be completed for each separate date a group is working. You will be contacted after registering with information about signing the contract for your group with a RamRide staff member. 
  5. If a contract is completed, it counts as one of the two chances to volunteer.  If it is canceled, it still counts as such and will limit future fundraising opportunities
  6. Should a contract be canceled RamRide will enforce the cancellation policy (see above), and groups may be disallowed from fundraising.
  7. Once you register your group, you will be given a link to send to your members. You must send this out so that documentation can be completed before fundraising.
  8. Members within the group will have to sign up for a Food Ops training session during the week of the volunteer date. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Signing up for a date on the website does not guarantee your group will be able to reserve that date. In the event that the website allows a group to sign up for more spots than we have available, we will only guarantee spots to the group or individual that signed up first. You will be notified by the Volunteer and Administrative Coordinator whether or not you received the spot you signed up for through email. Groups are also restricted to two volunteer dates a semester.




Groups can volunteer up to 2 times a semester. But this may increase if we don’t have enough groups signed up for the semester.

Groups signing up to volunteer must commit 8 members; 6 drivers and 2 backups (must be CSU students).

Fill out the Food Ops application located on the Rams Against Hunger website.

You can sign your group up by clicking the button above.

All of our volunteers wear masks at all times during the delivery process as well as wear gloves while handling boxes. The university vehicles we use to deliver food boxes are also deep cleaned before every use. PPE will be provided for our volunteers

We recently paired up with ALVS to deliver activity kits to CSU students with kids, every Friday. Sign up and find more information here: 

We are delivering food boxes to students and faculty who live in Fort Collins. If you do not live in Fort Collins, please email ramride.foodops@gmail.com to determine if we can deliver to your address.

Food ops delivers two types of boxes; Vegetarian and regular (full size or half sized). The contents inside the box can vary from week to week. 

Feel free to contact ramride.foodops@gmail.com for any questions regarding food ops, or ramride.volunteers@gmail.com for any questions regarding volunteering with RamRide Food Ops