our mission

RamRide provides free, safe, non-judgmental rides home for Colorado State University students with the goal of improving the safety of the Fort Collins community. 


RamRide is a safe-ride program founded in 2003 by the Associated Students of Colorado State University and housed under Off-Campus Life as of June 2013. RamRide is the largest student-run/student-operated safe-ride program in the nation, providing over 200,000 total rides. The program operates with 6 vehicles on Thursdays and 19 vehicles on Fridays and Saturdays. We rely on 106 student volunteers each weekend to provide rides home for over 1000 patrons. 

In October 2013, RamRide implemented a new dispatch system  which automatically assigns rides using current vehicle locations. Each vehicle now has a Samsung Galaxy tablet to use the new system. RamRide also released a mobile app that gives students the ability to request rides, access estimated time of arrival, and receive notifications when the car is approaching their location!

    RamRide App:
  • Easy ride request
  • Automatically assigns a RamRide vehicle for pick up
  • Easy to cancel rides
  • Patron enters in own information - less room for error in entering information

Mobile Knowledge, the company responsible for the dispatch system and app, has 30 years of experience and over 200 clients. We are the first university safe ride program that has purchased their software!

What is RamRide?

Patrons call into (970) 491-3333 to request a ride home. Rides are provided on Thursday nights from 10PM to 2AM, and from 10PM to 3AM on Friday and Saturday Nights. 

The RamRide program remains non-judgmental by never asking why a patron needs a ride home or for facts like full name or age. A patron needs only to call in with basic information and location and they will be provided a ride with no questions asked.

RamRide is supported entirely by donations, in-kind gifts, University support, grant funding, and student fees. Furthermore, volunteers are an essential part of the RamRide program. Our volunteers operate the dispatch system, drive the vehicles, and serve as navigators for the drivers.