RamRide x Lyft

RamRide x Lyft 

RamRide is excited to offer a variety of programs and services with Lyft and Spin. Some of the programs include:

  • Thursday RamRide x Lyft  – new this year, and in partnership with ASCSU, we are bringing operations back for Thursday nights supported via Lyft and Spin. Get your Lyft code (worth $13, available Thursday nights 10pm-3am) on the RamRide app. The $13 code can be redeemed towards a Lyft ride, a Spin e-scooter, or a Spin e-bike (e-bikes starting in early October). Read more below about how to claim the Lyft code.
  • RamRide x Lyft Holidays/Special Events – on high traffic holidays (Halloween, New Years, Graduation, etc.) where RamRide’s fleet is not operating, RamRide will offer Lyft codes through the RamRide app to support safe transportation. 
  • RamRide x Lyft Night Ops – in the event that RamRide cannot operate its normal fleet, Lyft codes will be provided via the RamRide app. 
All of these programs are provided via Lyft passes. Below is more information about how to access these codes and use them via the Lyft app. 


  • You’ll need to download the Lyft app and set up an account in order to use your $13 Lyft code (aka Lyft Pass).
  • To enter a code in your app, open the menu and tap ‘Payment’, then tap ‘Add Lyft Pass.’

  • Codes are provided via the RamRide app and redeemed through the Lyft app. 
  • Codes can be redeemed towards a Lyft ride, a Spin e-scooter ride, or a Spin e-bike ride (e-bikes starting in early October).
  • Your Lyft Pass may have specific requirements – such as certain ride types or times that it can be used. You can view the details of your pass by opening the menu and tapping ‘Payments.’
  • Lyft Passes automatically apply to qualifying personal rides. When you’re requesting a ride, you can select your personal profile by tapping your payment method above the ‘Select Lyft’ button.
  • Please know that any tipping will be at the responsibility of the student and is not covered by Lyft passes. 
  • If you have an issue with a Lyft Pass, please refer to the Lyft Website for more information


Because Rams take care of Rams, we wanted to share with you some tips from Lyft in order to ensure you are safe during your rides. Check out more details about safety measures Lyft has in place over on their website

  • Know who’s picking you up: Once you’ve matching you’ll be able to see your driver’s name, picture, and rating before they arrive.
  • Share your location in real time: Let friends and family easily track your location on a map when you’re riding with Lyft.
  • Taking actions on your ratings: If you rate a drive three stars or fewer, you’ll never be matched with them again. Your detailed feedback helps us investigate and take appropriate action, which can include deactivating drivers and riders to help keep the community safe.

  • Scooter and Bike Responsibly: Utilizing a bike or scooter while under the influence is still considered to be a DUI and could be subject to both legal and student conduct related follow up. Please ensure you are not operating a bike or scooter while intoxicated.


Yes! Inside of the details of each Lyft Pass, you will be able to see if the area in which the pass can be used.  

On certain occasions, the RamRide team may expand the radius where Lyft codes can be utilized. 

RamRide x Lyft Nights and Thursday RamRide x Lyft will be within the city of Fort Collins. 

RamRide x Lyft Holidays/Special Events will be nationwide.

Students are welcome to use one Lyft pass per occasion. A minimum of a hundred $12 passes will be available on a first come first served basis. 

For example, a student could use one Lyft pass every Thursday night and a student could use a special event Lyft pass when available (Halloween, New Years, etc.)

All codes will be available through the CSU RamRide app (powered by Spare) as an announcement. 

Requesting a Lyft ride or renting a Spin e-scooter or e-bike (available in early October) are all done through the Lyft app. Please utilize this help article through the Lyft website for more information


Have you used one of our RamRide x Lyft programs yet? If so, we would love it if you could take this brief survey for us. We want to hear about your experience with our new program and see how we can improve it!