History, Vision and Mission



What is RamRide?

RamRide is a safe ride for CSU students. We operate on Friday and Saturday nights and provide rides within Fort Collins. Students can request a ride by calling 970-491-3333 or by downloading the RamRide app on their smart phones.

*Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are prohibited in the vehicles

What is RamRide Food Operations?

RamRide Food Ops started in February of 2020, when two CSU students, Brandon Paez and Courtney Hagg, came up with an idea to help their fellow rams. Their idea started as a class project to address a societal problem. Paez and Hagg decided to focus on food insecurity and advocate for additional initiatives on campus. 
After meeting with the students, RamRide and Rams Against Hunger teamed up to start the pilot program at the beginning of February, 2020. 126 students were given a ride home within the first few weeks that RamRide Food Ops was operating. But unfortunately, because of COVID, Food ops had to be put on a hold.
The following semester, RamRide Food ops started operating again, but some changes were made due to health guidelines. Instead of picking up students from the Rams Against Hunger pantry, Food ops became a delivery service to assist vulnerable populations and those experiencing transportation insecurity.  Student and faculty submit an application online for a box to be delivered to their residence on most Fridays.
In spring 2021, the program shifted once more into a volunteer-based delivery driver model to allow student organizations an opportunity to raise money for their group and address food insecurity. In the 2020-2021 school year, RamRide Food Ops delivered 947 boxes! Our goal is to continue serving our fellow rams and addressing food insecurity in the campus community!
the history of off-campus life


Off-Campus Life helps students moving or living off campus to have a successful transition and integration into the Fort Collins community.


Off-Campus Life’s vision is to unite people in locations with institutions of higher education in building informed and evolving communities.


Local: To promote positive relationship building and provide off-campus living information, services and educational programs that benefit the student body, university and surrounding communities.

National: Partner and collaborate with Town-Gown communities to exchange resources and knowledge in order to enhance off-campus living experiences for our communities.