RamRide Secure

As CSU students continue to see an increase in financial insecurity, RamRide is uniquely positioned to support students with their transportation security needs. Research shows us that students may have difficulty completing errands, and are less likely to access other basic needs if they do not have adequate transportation. This pilot program is not intended to fill all transportation security gaps but serve as a complement to other transportation options available to students.   

RamRide Secure further supports transportation security needs of CSU students. This pilot program is sponsored in generous part from ASCSU. 

  • Students can apply on RamLink to receive $200 in Lyft credits (in addition to the RamRide x Lyft benefits)
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with an initial priority deadline of Friday, February 26th
  • Decisions are subject to committee review
  • Lyft credits will expire on 12/31/2021
  • If Lyft credits are awarded, all funds must be depleted before applying again
  • Credits can be used on Lyft Bikes and Scooters wherever they are available through the Lyft app!