Night Ops Volunteer Information


All volunteers must submit new documentation once each school year.

  • Listed below are the documents required for each volunteer position:
    • Drivers: Valid driver’s license, proof of health insurance, and a CSU student ID
      • You will drive patrons home
    • Navigators: Proof of health insurance and a CSU student ID
      • You will provide directions for the driver and use the tablet and phone
    • Dispatchers: CSU student ID
      •  You will answer calls and take down patron information
  • If you/any group member does not possess the documentation needed for a specific position, you/they will not be allowed to serve in that position.
  • Volunteer Document Submission requires the use of Duo: Two Factor Authentication. You can activate your Duo account here.

Please read RamRide’s cancellation policies prior to registering to volunteer.



  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page and use the calendar to sign up for an available date.
  2. Once you select your desired volunteer date, you will need to select Individual in order to view the positions that we have available.
  3. Select the position that you want to volunteer for sign up for 1 spot and fill out the rest of the form with your information.
  4. Once you have registered for a date, you will need to complete documentation at least 24 hours before you volunteer. You will be asked to provide general information and to upload the required documents for your position.
  5. Please arrive by 8:30pm on the night you are scheduled to volunteer for sign-in and training.


  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page and use the calendar to sign up for an available date. You will need to select the Group tab in order to view the number of spots available for each position and you need to sign up for each position separately (Ex. 3 Drivers, 3 Navigators). The minimum amount of people that can register under group is 6 people and the maximum amount of people that can register under group is 30 people.  Groups registered for the 30/$1,000 deal must provide at least 10 drivers.
  2. Once you have selected the number of positions that you would like you will need to fill out the form below.
  3. Please ensure that you have you SOFA account number handy, if you are unsure what you SOFA account number is or do not have one set up you will need to reach out to the SLICE office by emailing them at or dropping into the SLICE office in LSC 210.
  4. Once you have submitted your registration, please wait to receive a confirmation email from our Volunteer and Administrative Coordinator that will include next steps.
  5. Once your registration date has been confirmed and your group contract has been signed your group will need to complete documentation at least 24 hours before your volunteer date. Group members will be asked to provide general information and to upload their required documentation.
  6. Please arrive by 8:30pm on the night you are scheduled to volunteer for sign-in and training.

*Please note:

For groups who are taking advantage of the 30/$1000 or 15/$500 deal, but fail to bring 100% of their pledged ambassadors, the payment will be determined based on the sliding scale below:

90-99% of pledged ambassadors = $15/ambassador

75-89% of pledged ambassadors = $10/$12/$15/ambassador for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time volunteering this academic year, respectively.

Less than 75% of pledged ambassadors = RamRide discretion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Signing up for a date on the website does not guarantee your group will be able to reserve that date. In the event that the website allows a group to sign up for more spots than we have available, we will only guarantee spots to the group or individual that signed up first.

The Calendar availability will be updated weekly on Thursdays by 5:00pm.


All volunteers will check-in with a RamRide staff member before night operations begin. RamRide partners with local grocery stores to provide snacks and beverages to our volunteers. We encourage volunteers to bring additional snacks and water if needed. Specific descriptions and responsibilities are outlined below:


  • Drivers will be operating the RamRide vehicles during night operations.
  • Drivers should be ready to drive a CSU provided vehicle for the entire night (approximately 5 hours).


  • Navigators will be riding in the passenger seat with Drivers and are responsible for providing directions and contacting patrons.
  • Navigators will be provided a phone equipped with navigation and dispatch system.
  • Navigators will be trained on operating the dispatch system.


  • Dispatchers are responsible for taking calls from patrons and inputting rides into the Spare dispatch system.
  • Dispatchers will remain in the RamRide office for the entire night.

All volunteers are required to be present for the entire night. There may be penalties, including a deduction in payment, for volunteers who leave early or do not follow RamRide’s policies and procedures.


8:30 pm – 10:00 pm: Volunteers check-in at the RamRide office and complete training before operations begin. Food will be served prior to training beginning. All volunteers must be present and ready for training by 8:30 pm.

10:00 pm: Nightly operations begin. Drivers and navigators head out and Dispatch begin answering calls.

3:00 a.m: Nightly operations end. The phones are turned off and no more rides are accepted through the app. Dispatch members are sent home. Drivers and navigators remain on the road until the queue of rides is finished.






The easiest way to request a RamRide is through our mobile application. The RamRide app can be downloaded on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


Individuals can also request a RamRide by calling our dispatch line 970-491-3333.


RamRide operates from 10pm–3 am on Friday’s & Saturdays.

The night that you are volunteering please, show up NO LATER than 8:30 pm at the RamRide’s Operations Office located in the Lory Student Center Room 191. It is behind the transit center and across from the Cam’s Lobby Shop. When you arrive please sign in with a RamRide staff member.

We will provide food and training before operations begin at 10pm. On Friday and Saturday night dispatchers leave at 3:00 am, drivers and navigator volunteer will remain on the road until all rides are given. Drivers and navigators must be prepared to continue providing rides until a staff member allows them to return to the LSC.

Yes! Groups are welcome to volunteer multiple times in a semester, but can only redeem the 30/$1000 deal three times in a semester.